CCTV-News reported the LIBO company

        The novel coronavirus outbreak has had a huge impact on the catering and hotel industries, many employees of hotels can't get 

normal salary as there's much less business than before. On the other hand, manufacturing enterprises are shorthanded due to workers' 

delayed return from virus-affected regions. To solve this mismatch in the labor force, one stationery company in Ningbo came up with 

the idea of "sharing employees" with a hotel nearby to solve the dual problems of the shortage of workers and surplus of hotel staff. 


       “The hotel business has suffered a hard hit amid the epidemic. In order to ensure the employees’ benefits, we’ve selected an 

enterprise nearby for product processing in our hotel lobby, which increases the staffs’ income during this special period,” the head of

 HR department from hotel said.                 

     “Thanks to the hotel’s standard management and high-qualified staffs, our products can be easily processed after quick training.

 The production time of our orders is expected to be shortened with their help. That’s really great news to us,” said deputy general 

manager from Ningbo Libo Stationery Co., Ltd.